Bitcoin Surges to 3.8% gain over the weekend, while Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV Jump 7% and 15% respectively.

Bitcoin Surges 3.8% and Resumes Upward Trend


This weekend brought life to Bitcoin and many of the Altcoins, as Bitcoin increased in value by nearly $300.00 or 3.8%. Altcoins increased as well with gains for Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV up 7% and 15% respectively. Several other coins posted gains of more than 15%. See the above chart for a visual breakdown. 

Bitcoin appears to have overseen a change in its outlook over the last week. The coin has reached an important milestone on Friday: 18M bitcoins have now been mined, which means that only 3M more will ever be created. A huge reward for miners must come in the form of escalating bitcoin prices. Join the Mining Bonanza

This has reignited some of the excitement around the block reward halving. A common belief in the cryptocurrency community is that each block reward halving is preceded by a significant bull run. The market gradually prices in the decrease in supply from reduced emission, in a trend that appears to have repeated multiple times in Bitcoin history.

Bitcoin posts large gain but forks outperform,  while Dash and Litecoin do well as well.

Multiple tweets with significant engagement were posted last week, highlighting this event. But despite a positive daily sentiment today (59.56 according to, average sentiment is still on a downtrend.

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