Possible 500% Return on New Coin KADENA.


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  • Blockchain project Kadena announced the launch of its mainnet today
  • It will also have two token sales on token listing platform CoinList, starting on Nov. 5 
  • Mining Kadena Tokens could yield a 500% return in the next 180 days.
  • The firm aims to raise a maximum of $20 million between the two sales

One of the few 2017 ICOs that survived the crypto winter of 2018 is Kadena. This start-up has a proven team and good management and showing strong support. Initially, they raised about $15 million. Today they are raising $20 million with two registered token sales. Blockchain startup Kadena announced on Monday the launch of its mainnet and two upcoming token sales, slated for Nov. 5. Mining Kadean token could be a major,low-risk opportunity.

The Brooklyn-based company has been working on a high throughput proof of work blockchain network since last year. Now, the blockchain is open for public mining and miners can earn rewards of the network’s native token, Kadena (KDA).  Mining Bonanza is projecting a 500% return on mining this new token within the next 120-180 days.

While the firm said most of KDA will be distributed through mining, it will also conduct two token sales on token listing platform CoinList soon after the mainnet launch, aiming to raise a maximum of $20 million through the distribution of up to 30 million tokens.

The non-U.S. token sale is for overseas investors at a price of $1 per token, while the other sale is available to everyone, including U.S. investors, at a price of $0.50, with a lock-up period until the end of 2020. The tokens distributed through the non-U.S. listing will be traded on CoinList’s new exchange, which the platform announced last week. 

“The key with this raise is that it’s more toned to be able to launch in an as compliant way as possible, and based on the guidance we get from various regulators,” said Kadena CEO Will Martino, who has worked at JPMorgan Chase and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

In 2017 and 2018, Kadena completed two funding rounds through a Similar Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) structure, an investment contract that promises the delivery of tokens on a future date. The firm in total raised over $15 million from the two rounds, according to a company statement. 

As previously reported, Kadena’s blockchain network, dubbed Chainweb, aims at providing high transaction volumes of up to 10,000 transactions per second while maintaining network speed and low cost. Chainweb’s protocol connects several blockchain networks simultaneously, sharing transaction volumes between them.  Mining Bonanza has assigned its new BONANZA SUPEREXCEL to mining Kadena ethereum based tokens,

“The core use cases that ethereum services we can do the same quite trivially,” said Martino.

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