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What If Bitcoin? This historical calculator helps you to estimate how much you could have made by investing in Bitcoin.

If you’re someone who has held Bitcoin for many years this could be very helpful. For the rest of us, it just reminds us how much we regret not buying Bitcoin 7 years ago!

If invested
in Bitcoin on
Up and Down but Always with Spectacular Returns

What if Bitcoin? is a tool to see the ever-upward climb of Bitcoin from a few cents a coin to today’s over $9,000 a coin. Cryptocurrency has had its fits and starts but the trend has been spectacularly upwards and right now is booming. Up until today, it has been a market where the greatest profits have been made by technologically advanced entrepreneurs. Now today, with the help of and all can participate in the cyber currency boom. In the later by simply making your everyday purchases from Rewards and being rewarded an average of 30% back in Bitcoin. You can spend or save, hold or invest your bitcoin. It is not too late to get into the market as the greatest price increases are likely to happen in the future with some analysts saying that Bitcoin could reach over $1,000,000 per coin by the end of 2025!

MiningBonanza.Info provides you with the tools to obtain ever-increasing returns from your Bitcoin investments. There are over 2000 Altcoins, that are alternatives to Bitcoin one can buy and trade, and many of them outperform Bitcoin. You can find out about the best at our What to Buy Pages and at our lists of coins, exchanges, and ICOs, both past and present.